Planet Meh…irth

by biltong101

Planet Mirth“Planet Mirth” is the new show by Alan Committie, which you can catch at the Theatre on the Bay till the 13th of January. I remember enjoying his “Love Factually” last year so I decided to go and see his new show. Just a disclaimer: I’d like to say that I do realize how difficult it must be to work as a stand-up comedian and that it requires a lot of courage and effort. I acknowledge it. I’ve been trying to be funny all my life and look where it has taken me! NOWHERE. Having said that I still have to trash this show.

“Planet Mirth” is full of low-quality, easy and cheap jokes and puns. Some sources of laughter in the first half were: Donald Trump and the fact that he’s orange, Zuma and the shower story and foreign names. I’d like to avoid this post being a massive spoiler so I won’t tell you about all of it. You get the point by now, I’m sure. The jokes are old and safe and often cringe-worthy. I even caught myself whispering “Please, don’t” to the comedian when he started to do a bad impression of the American accent. I was really embarrassed for him (and also a bit for myself as I paid for the tickets). Did the second half improve my perception of the show? I don’t know (we don’t know!*) as we decided to leave during the break and totally wasted money on two overpriced bottles of water. It wasn’t the worst show ever but I wasn’t having enough fun either and time is precious.

Any positive aspects to mention? There were some counter-intuitive and not obvious jokes which I remember really appreciating in his last year’s show. The one thing I enjoyed was Committe’s interaction with the audience. He’s very good at improvisation and at making jokes at the spot. This time, unfortunately, he didn’t manage to create a good routine but I would still give him a chance next year. Even though my husband and I remained mostly untouched by the show, a lot of people were laughing. If that’s encouraging enough, to be on the safe side, go for the discounted tickets that the theatre usually offers for some shows and some places.

*You’ll get it if you’ve seen anything by the comedian.