On loadshedding.

by biltong101

ESKOM1Far, far away in a seemingly developed country the electricity supply is not taken for granted anymore. Not so long ago a parastatal body, named Eskom, started to fail to provide its customers with what they pay for. In a scheduled action the company is switching off electricity in a one area at the time for usually no longer than two hours. Why are they doing it? To prevent a national blackout as apparently the difference between supply and demand is small and the system is “tight” (capetowngov.za). What does it mean to typical electricity users? That we’re fucked. Yes, there are load shedding schedules but a) they are undpredicted cuts as well and b) trying to organise your life around  the electricity being available or not, in let’s remind ourselves 21st century, is quite annoying. In a typically relaxed South African manner, no real actions have been taken to solve the situation, apart from sacking of the responsible high officials (#keepingupappearances) and announcing an increase in the price of electricity. One doesn’t have to be a trained marketing specialist to know that there’s no better way to regain the customers’ trust than to increase prices of a bad service (#sarcasm)… One thing that is flourishing these days is electricity related humour which will soon become a separate genre as in “I like British humor and #SouthAfricanElectricityHumor” (I’m hashtaging just in case people will dig the idea. I doubt it, as it’s not that funny, but then again neither is Trevor Noah). Even my friends (their voice, their idea, their lyrics) and I (just my natural beauty) recorded a load shedding related video:

I chose laughing over crying every single time, Dear Reader, and I trust that you do too. Let’s hope that less water will go under the bridge of this post and the next one than between this one and the previous one.