Cape Town Food Market

by biltong101

My trip to the market was not an easy one as I was suffering from a major hangover. Fortunately, I managed to force myself not to spend my day agonizing in bed and even though I wasn’t able to taste any of the served delicacies I enjoyed the market’s atmosphere.

Cape Town is pretty abundant when it comes to markets (I wish it was so in case of theatres). Each district seems to have one of their own (markets, not theatres, duh). They’re all lovely but one must notice that they don’t differ too much and are all overcrowded. This event was a once-off thing so I’d been expecting something more exciting than a typical Capetonian range of market products (which is: fresh juices, pizzas, biltong and vegetarian stuff).

The market took place in Woodstock which is an area of Cape Town that not everyone (ME) feels comfortable in. Three years ago when I arrived it was still considerably dodgy and even today I wouldn’t advise walks in certain areas and at certain times. However, I must admit, that reasonable efforts have been made to make the place more friendly. Woodstock undoubtedly has its unique industrial charm. I particularly enjoy the local pieces of arts – graffitis.






Last but not least, my personal favourite:


I’m not going to go into details of what you do on the market. Bascially you go there to chill with your friends and/or family, to spend quality time away from your television set, outdoors in a vibey atmosphere AND you suport the local industry at the same time. Apart from the regular quick food for consumption in a standing position (there’s never enough sitting space) that event had egg sluts,



a chicken feet dish that I didn’t dare to try out


and eco friendly plant pots



The post is quite average, I know, but so was the market and I like the pictures I took so I decided to share. In short, APPRECIATE.