African Women and Fake Hair

by biltong101

from aliexpress

from aliexpress

When I say fake I mean wigs*. I don’t know whether you were aware of the fact (I wasn’t until recently) that African women tend to wear wigs daily. I’ve seen women changing their hair, you know, dying it, cutting it, Brazilian blowouting it, extending it… but when my African co-worker kept changing her hair style every month, including having an elbow long coiffure the day after a “Sinead O’Connor” AKA “Britney Spears had a bad day” look of the day before even I had to realize that something was on. My undeniable detective skills made me ask her “WTH?”** and she told me that she was wearing a wig and that many African women do. On the one hand, I was surprised, on the other I understood why some chicks I’d meet on the bus had perfect hair (a hint-catching-challenged reader: because it was FAKE) ((gentlemen the rule Obviously doesn’t apply to boobs)). When I learnt WHAT TH my next question was WHY TH? I mean ok, hair looks perfect, but it really must be hot in a wig so I’d assume existence of another reason and in fact, there are two main theories explaining the phenomenon. One theory is based on a practical explanation that African women tend to struggle with their hair because it’s curly and there’s not much you can do with it apart from letting it be or wearing it in plaits (which I think is super cool just btw) and if you feel like a change then wig is just an easier option. The other theory claims that even though the first theory is true, the reason has deeper roots and in fact African women are culturally conditioned to like everything which is un-African and more white like, namely light and manageable. There is some truth in both theories. As a Ukrainian saying teaches us “in every joke, there’s a bit of a joke” and so it’s true for the truth.

*and when I say African women I mean African women I observe here every day, even though the trend is apparently also popular among African American women.

**notice that the author is a mature woman, who respects the fact that a person could be offended by WTF.