New Year Special

by biltong101

2014I spent the last night of 2013 in a typically South African manner, namely, braaing, drinking (eng drinking) and welcoming the New Year on the beach while watching people fail at lighting fireworks and Chinese paper lanterns. I wish I could share some interesting native celebrations with you, but as far as I know, people don’t sacrifice virgins in South Africa to make the upcoming year abundant. Just like in Europe, everyone is quite concerned with That Night. The choice of the places where to spend it ranges between clubs, restaurants, house parties and mass events and should be made wisely so that one is able to reply more than “nothing” with a shrug of your shoulders to the inevitable question of the second January (“What did you do for New Year’s Eve?”). Once the choice is made, another must is preparing resolutions. When prompted, I’m trying to tell people about the philosophy of living in the moment and following the Source which makes me avoid making any specific goals but they just looked at me confused. “Study further, get paid for writing and get my own place” I say and they seem more satisfied. Let’s also not forget about the most important part of the annual experience, meaning the summary of the previous year. You’re more than welcome to use mine as a template: On this day of 1st January 2014, I’m a year older* or wiser and definitely prettier. This was certainly the best year of my life, it leaves me grateful and eager for more.
I also wanted to say that I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I did. I’m full of new ideas for posts and I’ll try not to abandon you for more than a week this year** as with writing it’s like with a scab on your skin – if you leave it as it is, nothing happens, but if you scratch it off the blood won’t stop running. That’s why I’m wishing MYSELF in the New Year that the blood of my creativity keeps flowing ( yeah, I do realize this metaphor is a bit awkward but I’ll just go with it). I wish YOU that this year is better than the previous one and please, be grateful for the fact that there is no end of the world forecast for the second year in the row.
Truly yours,

*than on 1st January 2013
**Due to my 2013 prolonged absence I missed biltong’s first birthday in November so: Happy b-day my blog!