Cockroaches, The Rain Spider and other disgusting beings.

by biltong101

Macro of an Asian cockroach,Blattella sp.,incredibly fine detail,down to hairs on the antenna being visible.
The disgusting beings in South Africa are pretty disgusting indeed.
My number one are cockroaches, probably because I have to deal with them the most often. The small ones are interested in food and are relatively easy to manage but you also have the big ones. The latter bastards fly and aren’t afraid of noise. They don’t react to light and if you try to kill them feetually they make a sound resembling the one of a neck being broken (Brings about bad memories. DON’T ASK). If you try to kill them with bug spray they run before they die and damn, they run fast. I had a very intimate encounter with a huge cockroach when I unknowingly stamped on it and it cuddled my naked sole. It was lying on its back but still moving its limbs just like at the pic. I haven’t recovered yet.
I’ve never had any intimate encounter with rats which is weird as they can be seen surprisingly often in Cape Town. They’re as big as small dogs. If you’re reading it in Europe and sighing with relief – don’t . They can get huge there as well, I saw some with (surprise, surprise) my own eyes.
I’ve heard urban stories about snakes, apparently there are black mambas, puff adders and Cape cobras (yes, Cape. Like in Cape Town where I dwell, you know). Two years here and I haven’t seen any. Two years here and I also haven’t seen any of the most feared… (dramatic Hollywood music)…
…Spiders. I’ve only encountered the small ones, which freak me out anyway as they jump. Nothing, however, scares me more than the idea of meeting The Rain Spider. I would say it five times to make you feel my fear but I’m too scared that they can be invoked like Candyman. Have a pic instead.