South African winter

by biltong101

wussSouth African winter is extremely irritating. It’s not too cold, at least for someone, who stayed in a country where -20 happens regularly and -30 happened at least once in your lifetime. However, the lack of central heating makes the +10ish winter difficult to cope with. As I heard from a South-African “it just doesn’t get cold enough for long enough” to install it. Obviously, there are electric and gas heaters you can buy but they aren’t enough to make the entire apartment warm. Therefore during South African winter you’re never too cold but you’re never really warm either. South Africans, from my observations, can be divided mainly in two groups, according to their reaction to winter:
1. The wusses – moan constantly claiming that they’re freezing. They also stop going out in the evenings, even during the weekend. On a Saturday when the weather went really crazy and gave us +13 with a bit of rain party places had maybe half of the crowd they usually get (I told you, wusses). Good that I have a friend from Motherrrrr Rrrrrrrussia (Ukrainian but as we know all Eastern European countries are parts of Russia) who isn’t scared of this weather.
2. The robots – I’m pretty sure they’re real robots. Some South Africans, black or white (grabs her testicles then remembers that she doesn’t have any), keep wearing flip-flops, shorts and sleeveless shirts regardless of the outside temperature. Some are less hardcore and opt for shirts with sleeves but damn, they still must be cold. They don’t shake and they don’t die but I, the sophisticated observer of reality, noticed that they limbs get slightly reddish. I like the robots more as they’re tough. I’m sure that unlike other Capetonians they don’t call a cold a flu and they don’t use the word depression for a bad day.
I’m somewhere in between. On the one hand, I do complain because I didn’t leave Poland to be cold, duh! On the other hand, I don’t consider this weather to be an inhibition to my social life. It’s nice, however, that the weather can serve as a good excuse when you just want to stay at home and chill on your own with a book (an object made from paper, containing a front cover, a back cover and pages inside with content).