On you.

by biltong101

youYou piss me off, Dear Reader*. I have no idea what do you want to read about. Sometimes I deliberately write about Current Affairs to buy myself new readership and I get 20 views (like I did last time, which btw is half of my regular views on a post, duh). Another time I write something ad hoc about nothing really and then I get 100 views. When I write about weird stuff I enjoy, like k-pop, no one’s interested. Which is why I probably won’t publish anything about raptors or megalodons in a foreseeable future. I get more views from SA when I write about SA and more views from Poland when I write about Poland**. You all seem to be interested in my personal life and apparently my thoughts appeal to many people – I usually get quite a few private messages after posts of this sort. I wish some of them were comments. I like comments, they motivate me to write. Sometimes comments, however, motivate me to stop writing like this time when one of the readers of my teenage blog told me that I’m his private Paolo Coelho. I don’t think that he meant that I’m an old Brazilian guy with a beard. He probably meant to say that I’m Wise and say stuff like “None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.” I have Faith in you, Dear Reader, and in myself – I hope I was right and that you’d enjoy reading about yourself. If you don’t you can suggest what you’d like to read about in the comment section. It may happen that I’ll even take it into consideration. Also, reading, supporting and appreciating my blog is probably the quickest way to get into my pants. Just saying. God, that’s cheap advertising and I’m ashamed of myself. Only if it’s not effective, though.

* I truly appreciate your support for the blog (comments, private messages, shares and likes) it’s just that the nice, thank you stuff in the main body would spoil my post.
** Poland is not cool enough to have an abbreviation.