Pistorius & Escaping Crocodiles.

by biltong101

PistoriusYou probably haven’t heard about it but Pistorius killed his girlfriend. Boo hoo someone killed someone else! Such a surprise it happened in South Africa, which is the safest country in the world. Like, come on, it happens here ALL THE TIME. The difference is that usually no one cares as the vicitims are not models and their killers are not disabled Olympians. It seems pretty clear that he killed her – she was shot three times, there was blood on his baseball bat and the neigbours heard an argument. Still, South African press is very gentle with Pistorius – the journalists don’t use offensive vocabulary, they focus on his sensitivity (He cried in court. Such a sweetheart! Maybe he killed her but he didn’t mean it, right?) and achievements (“South African star athlete Oscar Pistorius” etc). Reeva has become a new mother Mother Teresa who apparently “had a message” to people. En ek is soos wat de fok? (Yes. I’m so cool I know how to say “And I’m like WTF?” in Afrikaans) Maybe I’ll remind you who she was. She was a model. She was supposed to look pretty and pretty she was. Shame, she died. It’s always sad when people die whether they’re famous or not but is all the attention around her death neccesarily? Maybe we should rather focus on the fact that Pistorius was released on bail. I may not know much about law but if someone kills because he gets mad with someone else (or is accused of it) it doesn’t seem to be such a great idea to let him out. Fun fact – Pistorius is unhappy with the conditions of his bail. You’re pushing it too far, dude. You really are.                                                                                                                                                                                        And that’s about it. You see, you don’t have to write essays about this case! Besides, I much prefered the escaping crocodiles news. Around 15000 crocodiles escaped from a reptile farm in Limpopo province a month ago. When I was leaving Poland the second time my friend predicted (my VERY CLOSE friend) that I was going to die eaten by a shark. I’d rather be eaten by a crocodile, it would be such an epic death. Please, if I die eaten by a crocodile make sure to engrave it on my urn.