ten. on South African English.

by biltong101

ImageSouth African English is a bit like South Africans – irritating and cute at the same time.                               

Let’s start with “lekker” which is a word used to say “cool”. For quite a while I thought they say “liquer”. It actually made a lot of sense – liquer is cool so I see no reason not to use it as a symbol of appreciation. I felt disappointed when I learnt that “lekker” is an actual Afrikaans word. So is “kak” which means “shit” or “shitty”. Both can be used in various contexts but I find it a bit funny when South Africans who don’t speak Afrikaans use it (Losers, I wasn’t even born in this country and I speak better Afrikaans than you do). “Hectic” is even more common than “lekker” and it seems to have a linguistic ability to replace most adjectives, both positive and negative. There’s also “Ah” expressing a wide variety of emotional shades, from excitiation to impatience.                                                                                                                                         In South Africa you don’t bring stuff with you, you bring stuff with. You use “as well” rather than “also”. You don’t organize a barbecue but a “braai”. You can like the “vibe” of the place or a guy can be completely not your “vibe”. Last but not least “must” is used instead of “have to” and it seems to be everyone’s favorite word. I was told it’s because of Afrikaans but must they really make me listen to this language abomination all the time?