X-mas Special

by biltong101

ImageMissing your homeland is just a part of an expat’s experience. I may surprise you but I don’t spend too much time writing heart tearing poems about my mother country. Instead, I miss people, places and food. Believe it or not, my life in Poland wasn’t all about eating pickled cucumbers. Yet, I miss them like crazy. I miss white Polish bread even though I usually buy whole-wheat. Or chocolate bars and other sweets which I tend to avoid anyway. I think it has a lot to do with not being able to have something – just like with that guy who was into you and you were everything BUT into him, till he started dating someone else. We don’t like when a choice is made for us and our options are limited. My options are limited now. Christmas is coming, I want to spend it with my family but I can’t. What’s more, my last Christmas in Cape Town was the worst Christmas in my life (if the Universe has any decency I’ll only have awesome Christmas till I die) so I’d like to erase bad memories. Now, there are two ways I can handle the X-mas dilemma. I can keep trying to convince myself that it doesn’t really matter, that those are normal days and silently hope for some miracle to happen OR I can admit that it’s important to me, deal with the reality and make the best out of what I got. I’m choosing option two. I’m going to eat a box of Polish chocolates which I found in a local supermarket (Screw dieting. I’m exotic – I’m hot anyway) to ease the homesickness and  on Christmas Day I’m planning to do charity to lighten up the day for those who, unlike me, have real reasons to complain. Merry Christmas everyone! (alternatively: Happy Zombie Apocalypse!)