The Bunny Syndrome & Things I like About South Africa

by biltong101

bunnyI woke up in an average mood today.* I shouldn’t. The past is no more, the future not yet, it just makes sense to live in the moment. Sometimes, however, I fail to do so, I focus on Something and put most of my efforts in that direction. We all know that. We all say that we’ll be happy, when we get a new job/ graduate/buy a house/ finish the project etc. etc. etc. And this unavoidably leads to the Bunny Syndrome. We keep chasing a bunny and we’re so focused on the thought of finally catching it that 1) we miss the fun of chasing 2) when we catch it we play with it for a while and then we have no idea what to do with our lives once we have it. I caught a small bunny yesterday and the bunny is no more. Now I feel a bit empty and in the mood for bitching. Besides, moaning and complaining is a part of the Polish national heritage. So is drinking. And stripping (a sarcastic joke referring to the author’s last post. the reader laughs). Nevertheless, as I don’t like this characteristic of Polish people, I decided not to be a hypocrite and enumerate things I like about South Africa instead. Here, I’m sending some positive energy your side, now deal with it. I like:

landscapes. the Ocean. sharks. Table Mountain. Garden Route. ethnic diversity. linguistic diversity. vegetarian food. prices of fruit. palm trees. the Sun. people. Afrikaans. design of old rands. South African English. Hunter’s Dry. Windhoek. wine tasting. Kauai. highways. direct bank deposits. the screamers in public taxis. prepaid electricity and airtime in supermarkets. fashion for wellness. obsession with jogging. rooibos. drag queens. Cape Town.

And to keep a proper balance: I HATE RUGBY!!!

*It’s Monday. The post will only get published on Wednesday because 1) wordpress says that it’s important to have some consistency in publishing posts to keep interest of your readers 2) it’s my favorite day of the week