Poland – 5 things South Africans should know

by biltong101



It’s an independent country, a member of the European Union and Schengen. Like for real. Also, if you want to know why do we get so irritated when we hear the question read a bit about our history. (A wink to a Polish reader: W trzeciej minucie było słychać strzały!)

  1. Russian is not the same as Polish

We don’t really understand each other. Polish language is not particularly similar to Russian. We would far easier communicate with Czechs, Slovakians and Croatians (inhabitants of other European countries which are not parts of Russia either).

  1. It’s not “rough there”

Polar bears don’t walk on the streets and we don’t particularly enjoy knife fights. In fact, I’ve seen my first knife fight in South Africa. We have grocery shops, cinemas and shopping malls. Take Joburg, minus nice weather, minus palm trees, minus electric fences, minus high crime rate, add fancy Old Town, hot chicks and awesome public transport and you receive Warsaw (the capital city, just saying).

  1.  Most Polish women are not strippers.

We’re not. Sorry, guys.

  1. Sunflowers grow in Poland.

I know it seems like a random fact but I’ve had at least five people asking me that question.

Don’t worry (not that I think you would, but just in case), you’re not particularly ignorant in that matter. I know many English, French and Italian people who don’t know all that either.